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Tips+Tricks Comments

Pixel Pintura offers FREE Tips+Tricks specifically for Digital Painting and Digital Coloring on Photoshop!

Sign up at www.pixelpintura.com if you haven’t already done so.

Then please tell us your comments, suggestions, and of course ultra-violent reactions (!!!) towards Pixel Pintura’s Tips+Tricks by leaving a reply at this page.

Be sure to put a proper email address!  In fact, if your email address matches the subscribed email address on Pixel Pintura – I’ll send you a special response!

9 Responses

  1. This site is a great help for a beginner like me. I never knew it was just easy to learn Photoshop. more power

    • Hi Recks. I do hope you can visit the Pixel Pintura Facebook page. Just open this year. If you like, I can color one of the works you’ve tried coloring!

  2. Very usefuk, I’ve found it one of the best on the internet. Congratulations. Yes bi-weekly seems like a good idea. Anne

  3. sana mag karoon cia ng online tutorials,, para kahit malayo ako e pwede parin matuto.

  4. Thanks for the tutorials, Joel. They are very helpful.

  5. maraming thank you sa mga tips and tricks mo…

    some of them eh nasurprise ako kasi nag eexist pla yung mga yun sa photoshop…

    by the way…do you have any video tutorials or review about graphic tablet products…. may plan kasi akong bumili.. since digital painter na po kayo eh baka makapagbigay po kayo ng konting advice… chalamat!!!

  6. Your Tips and Tricks has helped me a lot..!
    Thank you very much.

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